It always happens when you’re not at your pc!

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A pen!
Scrap of paper!
I have an idea
Flashing by faster than Ronaldo
Flitting past me as craftily as McGeady
I wanna capture it, as stoutly as Maldini
Before it goes sailing over my head, like Seaman
I want to snare the thought before it passes …
Just like …
Merd, I think it’s already zipped by me
Like a Zizou zinger
Or a Scholesy special
Or was it dinked, à la Hoddle?
Or a slide rule pass of pin point precision, Pele perfect?
Or was it cross-field, from the thunder thighs of Roberto Carlos?
Or was it …
No, the momentum’s gone
The lightbulb blown
The train of thought lost
I’m giving up that neuron chase –
I feel like Fenwick and Reid
With that Maradona of a muse moment
Already wheeling in acclaim!



Haven’t a clue what the original thought was!


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/it-always-happens-when-youre-not-at-your-pc/