Italy versus Argentina 1982 World Cup in Spain

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 He hacked at you
He tugged at you
The ref stood blindly by
I think he may even have
Elbowed you in the eye
You took all this and more
Besides, as you fought to win the game
The game that Claudio Gentile played
Was’nt quite the same
Nothing to do with cantennachio
Thats played on the counter attack
Easy for the skillful Geatano Scirea
Tha master at the back
This game was just plain brutal
As Gentile scoffed at the law
Italy may have won the battle
But did they win the war?
You cried when the game was over
He kicked you black and blue
Argentina’s hopes died that night
And not a soul protected you
You left the pitch so injured
In body and soul combined
The Italians cheered
They’d won the game
But not in purists minds!!!

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1982 World Cup and Maradona was a marked man, and Claudio Gentile was doing the marking in more ways than one. The best teams were France and Argentina and both were literally kicked out and I mean kicked out, of the tournament by bad refs(again!) who offered no protection whatsoever to the skllful players on display. When you see Diego now, you can only be reminded of what a box of tricks this young man was, before the money making machine got hold of him and it all went pear shaped!!!

If you get a chance, watch a fantastic video called Goal! This game is given special coverage with a brilliant commentary from Sean Connery.



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