It’ll End In Tears

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 2 Stock up the fridge
with pizzas and beer,
as the World Cup
is finally here.
Cancel that holiday
go on the sick,
say while in the garden
you got bit by a tick.
It’s football’s showpiece
on every four years,
where England fans
end up forlorn and in tears.
When our keeper wobbles
and gets in a sweat,
he’ll fumble a cross
or throw the ball in his net.
And then in a crowded pub
drinking lager we all shout,
” Oh no we’ve lost again
in another bloody penalty shoot out. ”



Call me a cynic but I just can’t see England winning the tournament, if they get out of the group I’ll be happy, but can’t see us going much further,hence my poem. But I hope I’m wrong !

Editor Note..No Probs Kev..I know the feeling…whatev er happens – at least you’ll get to see Hazel O’Connor for free at Godiva..in Cov!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/itll-end-in-tears/