Leeds United 1970

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Mick Jones, feet slightly splayed, white boots bearing
Down on goal, muscle and heft and steaming;
Alan Clarke, malice and cunning, rat-sharp,
Arms isoscele’d, sleeves gripped tight, net keen.
Lorimer of the thick hair, burl, looking
To kill with a kick that fat old leather ball
With no twist or swerve – mere velocity.
Johnny Giles, wily as an Irish poet;
Bremner an undying flame, constant heat.
Charlton and Hunter: would you dare argue?
Cooper, dark, otter sleek, wing back before
Such things were. Poor Madeley: ‘utility’.
But how to speak of Gary Sprake. Remembered
For error and mistake, and for being Welsh.
Reaney and Gray must await another day.
I was no Leeds supporter, but at twelve
This was the team that stamped itself into
Memory’s mould, which has not loosed its hold.



Editor Note
Great memories.. Welcome to Football Poets. More please!

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