More Excuses for Best

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Was drinking when a star
He’d go missing matchdays
And you’d find him at the bar
The bad behaviour all forgiven
Coz he’s a wizard with the ball
Now who’s to blame for this demise
The writings on the wall
He brought it all upon himself
And Shanks was often asked
“Would George have been in better shape
Had he been in your hands”
Now Shankly was a wise arl bird
He knew his football men
And he thought a while thought some more
And slowly shook his head
Matt Busby was a mate of Shanks
Football wisdom from him poured
If Busby couldn’t control the “Belfast Boy”
No one else could that’s for sure.


Best has always been surrounded by hangers on (the devil comes in many guises) and his decline started long before he became a star, paradoxically i think perhaps he would cope better in the current climate whereby clubs have at least some understanding now of the trappings of fame, Best was the first postwar global superstar, perhaps this is the crux of the matter, but it does not excuse in any way his behaviour, like most self obsessed addicts he needs to lose everything before he changes.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/more-excuses-for-best/