Parked Run

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I crossed over the road from the undertakers
walked in through the park gate
and there it was:
my old pitch, bathed in beautiful sun
still there
still marked, still in obvious use
And I remembered back
to my very first game –
you got me hand-me down footwear, aye,
but just like “Billy’s Boots”, they became my very own
and I scored 2 goals
and you were so proud
and so pleased for me.
After that, you didn’t watch much
for you were never a ‘soccer mom’
but you were great for the fundraisers
your baking legendary, ditto your infectious sense of fun
and as ever, you got me started, got me going, chivvied me along
knowing my interest.
I didn’t score many more goals
for I was better as a defender
likewise you, protecting Dad, Adrian & Claire.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Many years have passed
and now I’m back where it all started
here in Bushy Park
slogging my way around the original Parkrun venue
but I have you at my shoulder, egging me on
in fact pushing me on, to a PB.
Ok, it’s not enough, to get my name
reverberating around Stamford Bridge
nor Griffen Park
but as I stagger over the finish line
I know I have many more races left in me
your race has run.
The pain is etched in my heart
as you help God roll out the sun.



In loving memory of Anne Williams (née McMyler)
b. 27/5/1935
d. 12/1/2020

Parkrun: 18/1/2020

“help God” ?
More like “prod God” !

Late of Richmond, Hampton Hill, Hampton.
But native of Carrowmore, Louisburgh, Co Mayo.
Under the eye of Croagh Patrick.

I played here in Bushy Park as a young child up until the age of 18, for Hampton Hill Celtic.
The club no longer exists, but good to see that matches are still played there in the park.
Presumably still being used by the local pub team, The Sun.

Our pitch is actually at the opposite corner of the park, to where the Parkrun takes place.

I ran all in black, not just because I was in mourning, but it was all I had with me! (Packed a bag real quick on Sunday 12th, got the first flight over, but too late.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/parked-run/