Rafa – sacked and not backed.

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Not again
Rafa sacked
And never
The club
Once known
As the Bank
Of England
Give their
Marching orders
To the man
Who used to
Be, Rafa, the
Gentleman with
The bank
Manager aura
But surely not
From Santander
Rafa, immaculately
Dressed in formal
But not ready
For his customers
Not now given
The opportunity
For yet more
Emotional investments
Bankrupt of support
Robbed of capital
Since Everton are
Now back at
The drawing board
Square one
After early blossom
Time in the autumn
Of the season
Now Rafa Benitez
Victim of circumstances
Where once Howard
Kendall, Joe Royle,
Gordon Lee and the
Stern and solemn
Countenance of fear
Drained, but not
Without care
Then Harry Catterick
Achieved the impossible
Sadly though
Never reacting to
League Championships
From many moons
Ago, so the
Toffees had to chew
On something much
When Harvey, Ball
And Kendall were
Pulling strings of
The blue symphony
Of life and a
Cabaret of colour
And virile vitality
But Rafa has left
Via the tradesman’s
Entrance where once
Trod Carlo Ancelotti
Goodison livid, furious
Revolting, uproar
From the other
Side of Merseyside
Where noisy neighbours
Liverpool are still strutting,
Flouncing, serial winners
Of the Premier League
And the old First Division,
Everton were the team
Who might have been
Even if Rafa thought
He could be the
Spanish revolutionary
Who privately believed
He could turn blue
To golden moments
In the sun
Victorious again
But alas not.
So where do
The Goodison
Park residents
Go from here
Do they appoint
Some legendary
Name from the past
To salvage their
Or simply go
Around in
In ever- increasing
Circles taking
Consolation in Harry
Catterick or Howard
Kendall for they were
Witnesses to the
Sparking jewellery
Of cups and trophies
But Everton are in
Muddied waters
Sliding down tables
Of greasy, oily
Decline, surely
Not relegation
It’s unheard of
In the charismatic
Corridors of
Goodison where
Once Bracewell,
Sheedy and Reid
Waved the baton
And led the band
With decorative
Flourishes and
Goals galore
Sadly Everton
Are now stilled,
Silenced, wandering
Around in trances
Of grey
Rafa the first
To join
The managerial
Sacking race
Rafa Benitez
We wish him
But you were
Just the latest
Who never quite
Met the criteria
Of the Premier
League standard
That demanded
Much more
Than you were
Ever capable of
Farewell Rafa
But we’ll see you
Again, sooner
Rather than later



My take on Rafa Benitez and the sack from Everton.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/rafa-sacked-and-not-backed/