Roy Hodgson

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Since you were never coy
With your playful toy
At the Palace
Without malice
Tactics and formations
Those splendid transformations
When England called
You never fooled
Those who froze
Who know you well
Voice stronger than a bell
Clearer than ever
Those who thought
You were at the end of
Your tether
Who believed your style
Without any hint of bile
For Roy Hodgson
Poorly but surely
You convalesced
When put to the test
Roy, it was you who bossed
Added lustre and gloss
In charge of the Swiss
Never amiss
Finnish but never finished
Then Liverpool, Fulham,
And naturally England
Certainly not Rutland
Patriotic as warm beer
Always there
For us as like the
Red Routemaster bus
An elder statesman
But always ahead of the rest
Progressive as the best
Multi lingual, a polyglot
A man who’s got the lot
For country and club
This man at the hub
Centre stage
Never beige
The classical sage
With perfect humour and witty
Banter never the ranter
Impassioned but fashioned
By the finest cloth
Never with wrath
Forget Iceland
Merely a Neverland
A motivator and navigator
Of troubled midfield huddles
Muddled thinking
Tinkering but never sinking
Roy is your man
Who brings palatial riches
Overcoming the roughest ditches
And Selhurst Park hitches
Roy Hodgson, back in the
Hot seat, precise and neat
Suit, shirt and tie
Roy will undoubtedly apply
The Midas touch
We will always clutch
The memories of victories
Back in the technical dug out
Your expertise and clout
Welcome back Roy Hodgson
To your revered seat



Roy Hodgson back again in the managerial dug out. Nice to see you, Roy. This is cheesy in the extreme but it’s great to see you Roy.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/roy-hodgson/