John Gilbert Ellis

Football fan for life, although the ‘modern game’ does stretch my loyalty to the sport. Read that as the so called top end of the game. The one with the associated dodgy billionaires, diving millionaires and leeching hangers on. 

Support Crystal Palace. Too small to be big and too big to be small, even though we’ve been in the top two divisions of football since the mid 1970’s. Forever mid table is all we seem to be allowed in the premier elite mega world. Try for better and watch your players get asset stripped is the tedious outcome. 

Used to write fanzines, books about Palace and other aspects of football. Given me an obsession with the politics of the sport, and associated anger for those who wish to ruin the game.

Always loved the world of non league football and the sheer scale of the sport in the UK. So, always happy to find an excuse to travel to somewhere I’ve never been.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poets/john-gilbert-ellis/