Sold a dummy

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a ventrickalisp….. a ventrickulator…. a v…
someone who could throw their voice
I’d throw mine
under a bus
over a cliff
or out of a speeding car
so as to lose it good and proper
because right now
mine own voice might betray me
it might cast an opinion….
in the departing dominion
of titular titans torpedoed to rock bottom
“Champions no more”
“and so we pass the mantle to ….”
“Sp… Spu… Spuds…”
Oh thank God for Leicester!
So that my words, don’t have to fester!

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This sprang to mind on seeing Nina Conti while channel hopping the other night.

2015/2016 season:
It might so easily have been Spurs taking our title – at time of writing, it’s hopefully going to be the Foxes, in the most intriguing Premiership season ever.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sold-a-dummy/