“The Build Up”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 So what is the difference
Between normality and insanity?
Well here I am sat
At the centre of the universe
That’s Trafalgar Square
To you and me
Well maybe to to you
Which makes me the crazy one.
Can you feel that buzz in your veins
Not long til the world’s greatest club game
Hoardings getting erected
Jumbtron being built
For the ‘whoop,whoop!’
European Champions League
Final on Saturday.
Club shop van already
Open for trade
Days before the game’s
Being played
Or there’s anything
Else to see.
UKIP where are you
When we need you?
Official scarves twenty
Euros a pop!
Not quite a score in old money
But their’s or ours a rip-off’s not funny.
Come the weekend this
Will be THE place to be
Not miles out in Stratford
UEFA fan fest location crazy.
Where ever you go it’s free to get in
But not at Wembley
Without a corporate grin.
So out of touch with the real world
German banners can’t be unfurled
Unless you accept Greed is
Good, greed is nice
Show off your huge flags
If you pay the right price.
In the past we could be proud of
Inventing fan culture
Now it’s all about being
A greedy parasitic vulture.
No longer is it the hooligans
Who sully our name
The pocket lining owners & duffers
Can take the blame!



(I happened to be in Trafalgar Square, as the final preparations were being put in place, as one of the UEFA fan zones, for the European Champions League Final, this coming Saturday)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-build-up/