The Other Side

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 1 This is the ballad of Derek Acorah,
A footballing lad, and what is more, a
Psychic who detected poltergeists
(Yes, genuine spirits, not scurrying mice)
He used to appear on Living TV
Where his psychic shows brought fame and a fee
On The Antiques Ghost Show he first made his name
And seaside pier shows sealed his fame
He wasn’t trying to deliver a fright
Just “healing and elation… an uplifting night”
In Morecambe, Southport, and throughout the nation
He brought spiritual messages of consolation
So, what’s all this stuff got to do with football?
Derek Acorah grew up in Bootle
He signed for Wrexham at the age of thirteen
Then moved on to Liverpool, where his talent was seen
By the great Bill Shankly; and he plied his trade
Without entirely making the grade
Years later, Bill’s voice from beyond the grave
Told despairing Derek it was time he gave
Expression to his spiritual second sight
And one tormented blustery night
He told Emlyn Hughes “Watch out on the roads;
Though I haven’t a clue what my warning forebodes”
The Scousers heard Derek’s words with derision
But Emlyn was indeed involved in a collision.
Which shows that life isn’t always a party
So don’t underestimate Madame Arcati.
Last week poor Derek Acorah died
His spirit passed over to the other side
Not Tranmere, not Everton, but the great blue yonder.
Now lovers of the psychic will look back and ponder
What they missed in Southport or Morecambe those nights
Of healing and elation… and uplifting sights.



This is an affectionate tribute to a popular television psychic, whose obituary appeared in Tuesday’s Telegraph. He played football for Bootle Boys, alongside the future Liverpool boss Roy Evans. Derek revealed that he had been contacted from beyond the grave by Bill Shankly, who told him not to worry about the failure of his hopes as a footballer, since he had important work to do “for the spirit.”

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-other-side/