The Shootout at Kaleen Enclosed

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 After eight long months of sweat and toil, it all came down to this!
The brave stepped up to make their name, the meek too scared to miss!
Two hours of football, hard and fast, and now the rules imposed
The deadlock must be broken by a shootout at Kaleen Enclosed!
The lucky four were Coach Mick, Guna, Leo and Young Matt
Who, by being on the sidelines, would not be asked to bat.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Our starting five was chosen, first up was keeper Chris,
And our safe, reluctant goalie made quite sure he didn’t miss;
Second up to place the Umbro on the spot was sweeper Dave –
He’d charmed us with his silken skills, his kick too good to save.
Kick three was down to Ommy, our mighty mouse left-back,
And he buried it as surely as when thwarting an attack!
Next up was Barry Harvey, Golden Boot of State League 4.
With thirty goals this season he soon had us four from four.
The shootout’s first dramatic turn, when ANU shot high,
Meant a scoring shot from Tony and we’d raise the Cup on high.
He’d scored both goals from nothing which had kept our hopes alive,
But his shot was saved … and so the count was 4-all after five.

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 So another five were needed – another five signed up.
The shootout now was sudden death – each kick was for the Cup!
I wandered slowly to the spot, a cautious self-belief.
Next thing I knew – the ball had hit the net – utter relief!
Next up was Captain Collymore – a favourite of the fans.
He struck with trade-mark calmness – the keeper had no chance!
And then our midfield maestro nervously approached the spot –
John, with misplaced apprehension, struck a sure and certain shot!
Our Manager, Al “Chopper” Reid, took a direct approach –
“Just hit the damn thing hard!” were words we’d all heard from the coach.
The keeper got a touch … and then the post … but it went in.
Our hearts quickly restarted and, in sync, we breathed again.
The record books were sought as we were up to spot-kick ten
Which was put away decisively by our Super-sub Ben.

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 As ANU had just ten men, Raju could sit it out,
So the cycle started over in this marathon shootout!
Chris scored again, but so did they, the score stood at 10-all,
So Davey G strode up once more and coolly placed the ball.
With a thud it hit the crossbar, our bubble cruelly burst!
They scored and took the final (even though we’d finished first!).
T’was a tragic season ending, but we’d given it our all,
And in classic sporting parlance – the winner was football!



After finishing on top of the table in Canberra State League 4, my team, Canberra City, lost the grand final 11-10 on penalties after the scores were locked at 2-all after extra-time. This is our story.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-shootout-at-kaleen-enclosed/