Will Gabriel Become A Baggiestuta?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The angel Gabriel came down
To stroll across the Hawthorns
His fortune was made in Quatar so hot
So the money’s not a problem
Why West Brom, why’s he here?
The Baggies fans were chuffed
He could have signed for anyone
Why’s he chosen us?
Fiorentina, A.S Roma, Quatar Rovers
His c.v’s pretty sound
We’ll love him like Jeff Astle
Adoration with no bounds
In Fiorentina they nicknamed him Gabriel Battigoal
In West Brom his name will be The Angel Baggiegoal???
In Buenos Aires the football fans have wondered where he’s gone
Arsenal, Man (USA) Yoonited, where the hell’s West Brom?
As he takes a sup of Ansell’s best on meeting with the lads
The angel will be blown away by Midlands and its fads!!!



Great news if your’re a Baggie! The angel Gabriel is hopefully coming to show the strikers at the Hawthorns where the net is? Should be well cool! Awesome!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/will-gabriel-become-a-baggiestuta/