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    Wow. That is a fantastic tale John.Thank you. Funny and sad but hysterical. You totally captured the vibe back then.I was too small to see in those huge crowds at the Bridge when i first went to Chelsea on Dec […]

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    We’re an army blue and white,
    Our hopes are high, our prospects bright.
    On this, another Season’s eve,
    Once more we truly do believe.

    We represent our city,
    Well, half of it at least.
    There is […]

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    new season again
    sweet success or dreaded drop
    what will this one bring ?

    Summer days still here
    football’s back with faces new
    same old battles too

    sweep the past away
    start that mighty push again […]

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    They told me there was a man who lived on the moon
    And that it was made of cheese
    They also convinced that soon
    We could come and go there as we please

    And so we joined the countdown for take-off
    Watched […]

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    Apollo Gees published a poem on the site Football Poets 1 month ago

    To the tune of: Truth Hurts by Lizzo

    Got myself a DNA test
    Needles, jabs an’ swabs an’ bed rest

    Dum da da dum, dum da da dum

    Waiting for a doc to come see me
    Could be driving a pick-up or a Hum […]

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    Cold, hard steel smites tightly wound rubber banded core – Fore!
    The least times the better

    Thwack! (grunt!)
    Steely-eyed metronome smites steel-edged hi-tensile cat-gut against
    Rubber-encased p […]

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    On a glorious mid-summer’s day
    when the solar-source commands us to
    and even gets us to

    instead, I watch the dogged d […]

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    we watched
    and we willed;
    a whole Nation –
    that wanted to be thrilled

    display wise, we were
    of that, there is no doubt
    but all that was missing
    was a winning shout

    VAR worked against us
    but then went […]

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    Lauding inclusivity
    Garments now display a delicate rainbow stripe
    Brought to the catwalk of Scottish football, by Partick Thistle
    Timely concept, we want no red cards, nor spoiling whistle
    Quixotic notions, […]

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    I remember the first time I watched doubles at tennis
    it was too fast
    points over too quick and low on rallies and drama
    but i got into it and stuck with it and now I love it
    just like all those […]

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    By half-time, be in a with a shout
    By end of match, be smiling broadly
    By end of season, be happy with whatever you have achieved
    If it’s less than planned, be not too aggrieved
    If it’s better than des […]

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    As I write
    of Chelsea’s plight
    the Beeb I cite
    tittle-tattle trite:

    It could be Sarri out
    Santo in

    But what would make me grin
    Is a dream team – that could make us Champs:
    Holland; Jody; and Lamps

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    You don’t expect the younger generation
    To have their number put up
    On God’s electronic board

    When the good race is run, yes
    But not subbed too early
    To join Heaven’s horde

    Justin Edinburgh
    Mocked early […]

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    On the banks of the Mersey there is a divide,
    Two teams with long histories for primacy vie.
    The one that I root for plays in blue and white,
    While the other in red has God on its side.

    There’s a […]

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    So where was the value, in last night’s victory?
    Ok yes, another trophy
    Another cache of millions, in prize-money
    A three goal cushion
    Bragging rights over North London rivals
    And the delight in denying t […]

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    We see our boys
    out on the pitch
    giving their all
    chasing the oppo
    chasing the ball

    we see our players
    skillful and wilful
    at the top of their game
    but we see them having a ‘mare
    and we mete out the b […]

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    Glory be the days
    When we were young
    And fun
    Was on the menu

    Glory be the days
    When boots were grabbed
    And anywhere at all
    Was the venue

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    It’s always interesting
    A National team appointment, north of the Border
    Bringing with it, huge potential for disorder
    For there’s always a focus, the ask: Blue or Green?
    Or been down South, lately, or sin […]

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    It could have been so different
    It could have gone our way on the night
    but still in the hindsight of reflection
    a season spent punching above our weight
    and a season lived without fear
    is something
    to […]

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    Stuart Butler published a poem on the site Football Poets 3 months ago


    I knew of Mick and I knew of Nick,
    But I didn’t know of your existence,
    Until early one morning on the number 46 bus,
    When I was reading a Swindon Town programme.

    It was back in 1992,
    And y […]

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