Aubrey Followed Brum !

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As Brummie as they come
St Andrews was his only place for joy
Till one year in Majorca
He fell for a lifeguards daughter
Within a year their wedded bliss produced a boy
He took lad to the match
As soon as he could scratch
But all of this was wasted on the boy
” I will not bang the drum
For team that known as Brum
Computer is the one thing I enjoy”
Aubrey almost died
Like a dagger in his side
These words were said in anger to annoy
He spoke to Karen Brady
That md kinda of lady
To see what thoughts sweet Karen could deploy
Karen was okay
She opened an internet cafe
Where Aubrey’s boy is now part time employed
The game must be within your heart
There right from the start
Or else emotion will be null and void
So now Aubrey takes in match
His son looks after cafe
And every other Saturday the two of them enjoy !





Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/aubrey-followed-brum/