Golden Days Pass In The Wind!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Golden days pass in the wind
Like yesterdays bygone news
We all want what we can’t have
Everlasting youth!
Will memories though fondly
Lighten ageing years?
Like a moving song or movie
Bring to eyes sad tears
You saw a game with whats his name
And he was the bees knees
They tried to stop him at all costs
Then tried four four three!
As hallowed fans of also rans
Idolise the few
There must be something precious
That makes them take a pew
Week in week out
They cheer and shout
All to no avail
As team slides down the table
You even love them when they fail
You wonder what’s up with this lot
As you look toward the match
Will pitch be in tip top condition?
Will pies be up to scratch?
That number eight who turns up late
Will he get a fine?
Or will he just be let off
To turn water into wine
We idolise and criticise
Just to let them know
That we are not mere punters
Their wages is our dough
So sign a useless centre forward
On a hundred grand a week
We will turn up anyway
To be led along like sheep
But don’t you dare insult us
By kissing sacred shirt
False loyalty insults us
Our feelings you will hurt
So next wine and fine cocaine
Have clouded up your mind
When you’re down there in the gutter
You drag us right behind
Our club to us is precious
And will always be
We were here all along
Before you and money!!!





Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/golden-days-pass-in-the-wind/