Igor Do That Volley?

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Go on one more time
Every time you do it
Things just start to rhyme
The greatest goal I’ve ever seen
Was in Mexico
Was it against the Belgians?
I think that it was so
The ball was crossed
Although quite soft
You were in full flow
That volley’s execution
Was just so… I don’t know
The keeper never saw it
As it hit the net
And the whole of Leningrad
Still talk about it yet
The applause was just so crazy
The whole team just ran off
To congratulate the scorer
Comrade Igor Belanov!!!



This is my favourite World Cup goal. I stayed up late to watch the Russians play the Belgians and dozed off on the sofa, as you do!

I had just opened my eyes as this volley hit the net and the celebrations were bordering on madness from the usually cool and disaffected Russians who were not known for such things, but this is what the beautiful game does to people and long may it do so!

A quite fantastic goal and always in the top ten of truly great World Cup goals!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/igor-do-that-volley/