Regrets? I’ve Had A Few ! ( for David Ellery )

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The wardrobe door is open
A black silk shirt bespoken
Is hanging there in moth balls to remind you of the days
Keane, Cantona and Ferguson
All recall you in different ways
Retirement a requirement as nature took his pace
A Harrow type schoolmaster
A pale face like alabaster
Left with all his dignity and football player’s praise
Roy Keane wrote a letter
Could it get much better ?
He never held a grudge for all those red cards that you gave
You corrected Tony Adams once when he called you a cheat
He smiled at you, apologised, your integrity complete
You’ve been know to applaud keepers when they made great saves
When the season starts are you jealous ?
You were always very zealous
About who won the toss, who was boss and make sure you behave ! As Sinatra said ‘ regrets? I’ve had a few ‘
When you see the way our game is now, does this apply to you ?



I’ve often wondered what its like for a top notch referee who’s retired?

How does he feel when the new season comes around and he’s no longer involved in the game ?

Must be very strange or what ?

I see Collina has put off his retirement again !



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/regrets-ive-had-a-few-for-david-ellery/