The End Is In Sight

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 2 The season is now in it’s final stages
excitement and apprehension abound,
some supporters feeling confident
while others are worried inside the ground.
Will their team get promoted
even become champions at the top ?
but many fans will be hoping
for them please not the dreaded drop.
They’ll be biting their fingernails
chewed right down to the quick,
restless nights with broken sleep
anxiousness and feeling sick.
But that’s what football can do
reach down to your very soul,
you travel all over the country
just to see your side score a winning goal.
Yet in the end it’ll be all worth it
if your beloved club lifts a cup,
or on the final day of the campaign
get a win or a draw and stay up !



The season is reaching its climax when it’ll end in tears or cheers? My team Coventry City can still reach the play offs at the time of writing, but whatever happens its been a good campaign.
All football fans will know those feelings of euphoria or dejection they are all part of being a supporter. But whatever we still love the beautiful game.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-end-is-in-sight/