Feb Team Poems+Facebook Poems of Week

Football Poets on Facebook Bobby Moore Poems of The Week:

1 Me and Bobby Moore P Maguire

2 . Bobby Moore – All English hero Emdad Rahman

3 The Late Great Bobby Moore P Maguire

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February nods and mentions to specific teams, players and coaches : Arsenal, Ashley Cole, Barnsley, Beckham, Blackburn Rovers, Bobby Moore (1941-1993) Brentford, Chelsea, Coventry City, England, Everton, Fans ,Forest Green Rovers, Huddersfield Town, Leeds,Liverpool, Luton, Man U, Man City, Millwall, MK Dons, Munich Air Disaster, Newcastle United , Oldham One Minute Silences, Sparta Prague, Respect, Southampton, Swindon Town, Wenger, Wigan & Wrexham

28 Feb Boo Boys Return mark merriman
28 Feb Bring On The Chosen One kevin raymond
28 Feb Middlesboro 0-2 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
28 Feb Football History (Brazil) P Maguire
27 Feb Brick Lane Was Touching Freezing
kevin raymond
26 Feb I Love Liverpool P Maguire
26 Feb Liverpool Dreams (Brazil) P Maguire
26 Feb The Hollow Crowd P Maguire
25 Feb Reality Check? kevin raymond
25 Feb Man City 2-0 Chelsea
Borat Skorbard
25 Feb Chelsea 1-1 Sparta Prague Borat Skorbard
24 Feb The Bard and the Beautiful Game P Maguire
24 Feb Bobby Moore – All English hero Emdad Rahman
24 Feb The Late Great Bobby Moore P Maguire
24 Feb Me and Bobby Moore P Maguire
22 Feb Fantastique! (for Sparta Praha Fans)
kevin raymond
20 Feb They Won’t. Will They. No? kevin raymond
20 Feb Tower of wood Peter Goulding
20 Feb word Tomas de Faoite
20 Feb My wife and football Peter Goulding
19 Feb Who ate all the Badger pies ? kevin halls
18 Feb F.A.Cup Fifth Round–Haiku kevin halls
18 Feb Chelsea 4-0 Brentford Borat Skorbard
15 Feb Sparta Prague 0-1 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
13 Feb Two Faced kevin halls
13 Feb Divided Loyalties.kevin raymond
13 Feb Implications kevin raymond
13 Feb Why bother having them? Clik the mouse
12 Feb Chelsea 4-1 Wigan Borat Skorbard
11 Feb Chumpions Faulter.(Haiku.) jim dolbear
08 Feb Sky Blue Army kevin halls
07 Feb Someone Had To Wake Up These People Peter Wyton
06 Feb Newcastle 3-2 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
06 Feb Munich 1958 Emdad Rahman
05 Feb Cole’s 100 Caps Haiku Crispin Thomas
06 Feb Newcastle 3-2 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
06 Feb Munich 1958 Emdad Rahman

04 Feb 2 Tragedies Mike Bartram
03 Feb New Lawn New Dawn Crispin Thomas
01 Feb kevin halls Planet Beckham

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2013/02/25/feb-team-poemsfacebook-poems-of-week/