Euro 2012:73 Poems+Poem of The Day+Memories

Euro 2012:73 Poems+Poem of The Day+Memories

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17 Jun Deja Vu kevin raymond

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1: Euro 2012 – Your Poems in June.
2: Football Memories. 3: Hillsborough. 4: Munich Poems
5:. RIP :Gary Ablett ,Socrates, Gary Speed, Nat Lofthouse Poems.

1: EURO 2012 POEMS
Days completed 9 ; 73 Poems; 10 poets;
Group A: Goulding 25; Rahman 19;
Group B Raymond 14; U Rowe 8;
Group C Thomas 3; Halls 3;
Group D Griffiths 1; Hussain 1; Ingle 1; Smith 1;

17 Jun Deja Vu kevin raymond
17 Jun Ronaldo masters the Dutch /a> Emdad Rahman
17 Jun
Löw’s men hit high peaks Emdad Rahman
17 Jun Pub or home? kevin halls
17 Jun Boring- Mick On The Mike? Never kevin raymond
17 Jun Poland Czeched out Emdad Rahman
17 Jun Inspired By Isis? kevin raymond
17 Jun The Fields in Gdansk Peter Goulding
17 Jun Euro 2012 Day 9 Match 2 Peter Goulding
17 Jun Euro 2012 Day 9 Match 1 Peter Goulding
16 Jun Greeks stun the Russians Emdad Rahman
16 Jun Ikea three DFS two Sweden 2-3 England Emdad Rahman
16 Jun Murder on the Gdansk floor Emdad Rahman
16 Jun Pirlo rolls back the years Emdad Rahman
16 Jun For The Coach (Driver!) kevin raymond
16 Jun Swedes 2 Turnips 3 575
16 Jun. Saturday Morning Missive kevin raymond
16 Jun Euro 2012 Day 8 Match 2 Peter Goulding
15 Jun Euro 2012 Day 8 Match 1 Peter Goulding
15 Jun Time For A Change. Methinks? kevin raymond
15 Jun Enjoying the Euros kevin halls
15 Jun Euro 2012 Day 7 Match 2 Peter Goulding
15 Jun . Play Suspended. kevin raymond
15 Jun Euro 2012 VIII :The Fields U Rowe
15 Jun Euro 2012 Day 7 Match 1 Peter Goulding
14 Jun First Leg Of The Daily Double? kevin raymond
14 Jun Still Possible …Play On Crispin Thomas
14 Jun Holland 1 – Germany 2. Post Match Thoughts kevin raymond
14 Jun Bigmouth strikes yet again Peter Goulding
14 Jun Incantation Peter Goulding
14 Jun Euro 2012 Day 6 Match 2 Peter Goulding
14 Jun Euro 2012 Day 6 Match1 Peter Goulding
13 Jun Super Mario shines in Kharkiv Emdad Rahman
13 Jun Varela leaves it late Emdad Rahman
13 Jun Euro 2012 VII : all credit to disparaging comments. U Rowe
13 Jun Euro 2012 VI : haiku U Rowe
13 Jun Euro 2012 Day 5 Match 2 Peter Goulding
13 Jun Euro 2012 Day 5 Match 1 Peter Goulding
12 Jun Kuba cracker saves the day Emdad Rahman
12 Jun Beware of Cech bearing gifts Emdad Rahman
12 Jun Loving The No Expectations Crispin Thomas
12 Jun Euro 2012 V : ABCD route U Rowe
12 Jun Shevchenko at the double Emdad Rahman
12 Jun Low Key? That Suits Me. kevin raymond
12 Jun Euro 2012 Day 4 Match 2 Peter Goulding
12 Jun Euro 2012 Day 4 Match 1 Peter Goulding
12 Jun Andriy Shevchenko kevin raymond
12 Jun Allez le blanc Emdad Rahman
11 Jun Euro 2012 IV : Half-time remediation U Rowe
11 Jun The morning after Peter Goulding
11 Jun Wh’o’d Be A Keeper? kevin raymond
11 Jun Euro 2012 Day 3 Match 2 Peter Goulding
11 Jun Euro 2012 Day 3 Match 1 Peter Goulding
10 Jun Croatia deflate Irish spirits Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Cesc rescues a point Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Mario slays dour Portugal Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Danes live to fight on Denmark Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Republic rout Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Greece rain on opening parade Emdad Rahman
10 Jun Let Those Three Lions Roar Once More Nicholas Griffiths
10 Jun Football Food By Hudson and Hall Deelya Smith
10 Jun Hungry For the Euros S B Ingle
10 Jun Euro 2012 Day 2 Match 2 Peter Goulding
10 Jun Euro 2012 Day 2 Match 1 Peter Goulding
09 Jun Euro 2012 Day 1 Match 2 Peter Goulding
09 Jun Euro 2012 Day 1 Match 1 Peter Goulding
08 Jun England’s Euro 2012 – villanelle Khadim Hussain
08 Jun Euro 2012 III : First up U Rowe
08 Jun Euro 2012 II : www dot the Poles U Rowe
08 Jun Euro 2012 D Day Minus 1 Peter Goulding
07 Jun I’m Sure.. kevin raymond
07 Jun Euro 2012 I : Betrayed U Rowe
07 Jun The Three Lions go as underdogs kevin halls
07 Jun Euro 2012 D Day Minus 2 Peter Goulding
06 Jun (Eur)Oh Let Us Sing Like Them Crispin Thomas
06 Jun Euro 2012 D Day Minus 3 Peter Goulding


2 Your Football Memories 2012 / 2011 and 2010

These poems have been coming in since our inception back in 2000. We’ve only been archiving them here however since 2010. So if you’d like any old favourites of yours or anyone’s revisited and included here please email us. From John Oliver’s eulogy to a sticker to Bobby Robson, Cantona, Maradona, Bill Shankly, the Spion Kop and Anfield, the wind off the Thames at the Cottage, and being carried pitch-side on the hands of fans. From Doug’s quest for an elusive Keegan card to Jools’ life of a table football player. With poignant reflections on the 50s,60s,70s and 80s plus 40 years of Motty, the Ibrox Disaster, World War 2, Sounds, smells and walking to and from games. This section is what it is. A place for football memories in verse. Roy Of The Rovers, Istanbul, Marco Tardelli, Higuita, ‘young v old’ street games, Cup Finals of yesterday and ‘Cov Kev’s’ 80s visit to QPR and the long suffering tribulations of following Fulham. These come in at at random and you’ll also find many more via the search button. More please!

June 2012
05 Jun Here’s To The Team. (For My Wyatt)
kevin raymond
01 Jun Back In The Nineteen Fifties Crispin Thomas
01 Jun Stuart Butler
May 2012
20 May El Diego Nicholas Griffiths
20 May King Eric the Red Stan Warburton
April 2012
02 Apr Looking through old Scrapbooks and Annuals kevin halls
01 Apr Ginga Bob terry oldham
March 2012
31 Mar R.I.P. Our Big Man terry oldham
26 Mar My Summer of Love (Molineux Days)
Steve Hill
24 Mar Memories of Wembley mark merriman
15 Mar He smokes cigars he drinks champagne
Lesley Palmer
13 Mar Waiting for Roy of The Rovers Crispin Thomas
05 Mar Shankly in the Sixties Dachlan Cartwright
04 Mar Roger Byrne Dachlan Cartwright
01 Mar The Bridge of the ‘Rising Sun’ Apollo Gees
01 Mar Oh for another few inches ! * chris barber
February 2012
29 Feb The Birth of Everton Dachlan Cartwright
26 Feb The Old Days Dennis swift
13 Feb Touchlines Matthew Paul
13 Feb Boro Days louis spence
12 Feb Bill ‘Dixie’ Dean Dachlan Cartwright
07 Feb The Battle of Wrexham Dachlan Cartwright
January 2012
16 Jan Chalkie mark merriman
10 Jan On being a Boro fan louis spence
09 Jan Through a child’s eyes R Kydd
03 Jan The Seventies, And Today S B Ingle
03 Jan Goalkeeper Don Mullan
December 2011
31 Dec Oi Mister. Give It A Rest kevin raymond
30 Dec Mid Morning. St Stephens Day kevin raymond
23 Dec Dunlop and Macedo Gacina Bozidar
21 Dec LUFC 1987 Jason Stevens
20 Dec Let’s Get Physical kevin raymond
07 Dec The Hand of God Matthew Paul
06 Dec That Carlos Alberto Goal Chris Barber
November 2011
25 Nov The Spion Kop Mike Bartram
17 Nov Down The Dell Philip Douch
17 Nov Southampton’s Secret Factory Philip Douch
02 Nov Giving the boots the boot S B Ingle
October 2011
29 Oct The Season We All Believed Billy Pendrill
28 Oct Jumpers 4 Goalposts 0 Clik the mouse
14 Oct Fifty years of Football kevin halls
10 Oct Knighted by a Wagstaffe Cross
Robbie Kennedy Bennett
06 Oct 40 Years Of Motty Crispin Thomas
September 2011
30 Sep Bill Shankly Emdad Rahman
28 Sep @ron ronnie ronaldo Ethan
20 Sep A Celebration kevin raymond
17 Sep Being a supporter of.. ron dixon
16 Sep Fifteen years Peter Goulding
14 Sep René “El Escorpio” Higuita Emdad Rahman
12 Sep Land Mark Darren O’Keeffe
05 Sep Can You Hear That Emily Williams
04 Sep On Tommy Burns Patrick J. Murray
04 Sep The smells of Football kevin halls
02 Sep Man of the People (Bill Shankly) mike bartram
August 2011
25 Aug Enfield Playing Fields 1989
Laurence Cotterell
25 Aug The Wind off the Thames Mike Hopkins
01 Aug Jimmy Hill kevin halls
July 2011
27 Jul In Awe Of Your Foe kevin raymond
27 Jul When Saturday came around. John Oliver
20 Jul Hooked On A Feeling kevin raymond
09 Jul My introduction to a fantastic dream.
Stuart Ashworth
07 Jul Snatched Memory: Bobby Robson
Calvin Erlington
06 Jul The Glorious Fields of Anfield Road
Mike Bartram
04 Jul Now & Then kevin raymond
01 Jul Ibrox Calvin Erlington
June 2011
23 Jun Goodbye Part XVI Nathan L
23 Jun La Mano de Dios.1986. Oops CV kevin raymond
21 Jun Paul McGrath Emdad Rahman
21 Jun McGrath Emdad Rahman
20 Jun Stan Bowles Emdad Rahman
09 Jun Upon The Hands Of The Fans Sudbourne Primary
03 Jun A Hero That Could Fly Mike Bartram
01 Jun Peter McParland Emdad Rahman
May 2011
30 May The night Villa ruled Europe Emdad Rahman
29 May Shoe shine Joe Cullen
29 May Made in London Kevin Francis
28 May There is a place Kevin Nolan
26 MayThe way it used to be Kevin Francis
25 May Blow the whistle Kevin Francis
23 May Roger Osborne broke my heart Kevin Francis
21 May The Fisherman’s Song Mike Bartram
19 May Football Collections Jools Hampton
17 May The Sound of Music kevin raymond
16 May An Ode to Walter Scott McGhee
15 May The legendary Walter Smith Emdad Rahman
09 May Two heroes Gacina Bozidar
08 May 1991-Gazza Stripped Laurence Cotterell
06 May I (almost) subbed Martin Chivers Laurence Cotterell
05 May Where the heck is Dennis Law? Robbie Kennedy Bennett
01 May Song of the Old Sweeper Laurence Cotterell
April 2011
30 Apr Laudrup The Danish Prince Emdad Rahman
30 Apr Jairzinho Emdad Rahman
25 Apr The real damned United kevin halls
19 Apr The halfwayline terry oldham
25 Apr United in grief Clik the mouse
22 Apr The Liverbird and our history Stuart Ashworth
19 Apr André the Giant Darren O’Keeffe
16 Apr Le Carré magique Emdad Rahman
06 Apr The Life of a Table Football Player
Jools Hampton
March 2011
31 Mar In Praise Of The Underdog kevin raymond
31 Mar Streets of the Boro Gordon Farrel
24 Mar Walking From Games Crispin Thomas
23 Mar The Away Game kevin halls
22 Mar Ricky Villa’s solo moment Emdad Rahman
18 Mar Everton And Neretva Gacina Bozidar
06 Mar The Sky Blue Lament Jools Hampton
06 Mar The Rovers Stuart Butler
03 Mar Nostaalja S B Ingle
February 2011
23 Feb Roy of the Rovers Jools Hampton
21 Feb Field Of Dreams Jimmy Whelan
15 FebThe Real Ronaldo Darren O’Keeffe
14 Feb Ronaldo (Luiz Nazario de Lima)
Emdad Rahman
14 Feb Young versus Old in Irwell Road Simon Icke
01 Feb The Smell of Panini Stickers Jools Hampton
January 2011
30 Jan Saturday Afternoon Heaven. Jools Hampton
28 Jan Nat Lofthouse-The Legend . Ann Madden-Walsh
21 Jan A Lion Sleeps Tonight. jim dolbear
18 Jan The Lion of Vienna Nat Lofthouse Emdad Rahman
16 Jan Tanka-1970 Tony Lewis-Jones
16 Jan Chris Lawler Lol Ross
16 Jan The Lion of Vienna kevin halls
16 Jan Sleeping Lion Alan McKean
16 Jan No More A Wandering Nat Lofthouse Crispin Thomas
12 Jan Character Building? kevin raymond
11 Jan The Once Special F.A.Cup John Oliver
11 Jan Saturday On The Somme Andy Lockett
10 Jan Early Retirement Package Emdad Rahman
10 Jan Brisbane Road Steve White
09 Jan Kevin Keegan Picture Card Doug E Harper
07 Jan Burrows’ Ballon D’Or moment Emdad Rahman
07 Jan Game of two halves Greg Freeman
06 Jan The Centre Circle of Life Kevin Yates
05 Jan Stadio Artemio Franchi1983 kevin raymond
03 Jan Ibrox disaster 1971 Emdad Rahman
December 2010
29 Dec The Future of Football Andrew Detheridge
19 Dec Loftus Road ’82 Matthew Paul
12 Dec Roger Miller Traps Higuita Emdad Rahman
12 Dec Those Were The Days kevin halls
01 Dec Proud to Wear the Shirts mark merriman
November 2010
25 Nov Swapping Garrincha Kevin Halls
22 Nov I’m A Collector Get Me Out of Here Crispin Thomas
18 Nov Any stickers to swap ? John Oliver


3 April 2012 Hillsborough Poems

3 Remember The 96 15.04.89- Hillsborough Poems Slection

These are a selection of the poems we have received and sourced in the last 12 years which remember the lives of those 96 souls we lost and which comment in verse upon a day none of us will ever forget . Commemorating the 23rd anniversary on Sunday 15th April 2012 of the tragic Hillsborough disaster, a human crush which occurred during the semi-final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs on 15 April 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people, with a total of 766 other persons being injured. All of them were fans of Liverpool Football Club. New
poems always welcome.
17 Jun Six Minutes Past Three in the Afternoon
Emily Williams
16 Jun Hillsborough Dads Mike Bartram
27 Apr A City United ( JFT96 ) Tony Stapo
27 Apr J F T 9 6 – Y N W A Tony Stapo
21 Apr Mirror Mirror Mike Bartram
15 Apr Don’t Go Mike Bartram
15 Apr Abandoned Clik the mouse
13 Apr The Sad Times Mike Bartram
09 Apr Hillsborough Emily Williams
03 Apr The Stench of Lies Mike Bartram
01 Apr Aprils’ Angels Mike Bartram
16 Mar Closing Ranks Mike Bartram
21 Feb Wembley (26/2/2012) l Mike Bartram
16 Feb Justice For The Ninety Six Emily williams
30 Jan Every Hillsborough Story Mike Bartram
19 Jan Establishment Curse Mike Bartram
16 Jan Time goes by Emily Williams
13 Dec Justice Tonight Mike Bartram
15 Nov Liverpool v Notts Forest (Abandoned) Mike Bartram
04 Nov How about a song? Emily Williams
04 Nov Bonfire? Mike Bartram
11 Sep A Flame Emily Williams
05 Sep An Ordinary Day Emily Williams
24 Aug The 22 Year Wait Emily Williams
09 Aug Sunderland AFC (Thanks!) Mike Bartram
24 Jul How can no one hear Emily Williams
22 Jul Hillsborough Jim Bell
06 Jul The Glorious Fields of Anfield Road Mike Bartram
23 Jun Every Hillsborough Story Mike Bartram
21 Jun I Dread to Think Emily Williams
20 Jun 6 Minutes Past 3 Mike Bartram
16 Jun Count to 96 Emily Wlliams
16 Jun I was not there but I know Emily Williams
15 Jun The Legacy of Hillsborough > Mike Bartram
10 Jun Justice Cal Mike Bartram
04 May Peter Beardsley’s Shot Mike Bartram
30 Apr The scouse end Mike Bartram
19 Apr Goodnight Mike Bartram
19 Apr Victims Without A Number Mike Bartram
19 Apr The Nightmare of Hillsbrough Mike Bartram
19 Apr Hillsborough Memorial Emdad Rahman
15 Apr 96 haiku Clik the mouse
15 Apr Ninety Six William Curtis
11 Apr Gone But Never Forgotten Emdad Rahman
15 Ap Why Oh Why Oh Why? Crispin Thomas
15 Apr The 96 The Bard of Burnley
15 Apr Twenty One Today. jim dolbear
15 Apr Souls Of Our Departed. Ken Bushell

2000-2009 Selection
20 Years to Yesterday S B Ingle
Just A Minute S B Ingle
Heroes mark merriman
Empty seats – the 96 legacy Clik the mouse
96 Haiku Hy Koo
Milan – Real Madrid 19/04/89 Minuto di silenzio P Maguire
The Day Truth Died P Maguire
3.06pm P Maguire
19Darren O’Keeffe
Hillsborough> Daniel McDonagh
Hillsborough P Maguire
how do you sleep? poet1978
96 poet1978
Hillsborough Justice For The 96 SB Ingle
96 Reds We’ll Never Forget P.Maguire
Hillsborough Memorial Mark Thomas
Anyone Mark Ballard
Souls Of Our Departed Ken Bushell
Do You Remember P.Maguire
Justice Part 1 Tina Bass
April 15th Hillsborough DJ Bullen
A Terrace called Leppings Lane Emsy
Hillsborough Roses Alan McKean
Remembering Hillsborough P.Maguire
The Funny Thing About Justice Mike Nicholson
Hillsborough 15 Years On Redlady
Justice For The 96 P.Maguire
At Hillsborough Stephen A Owen
Hillsborough Robert Romans
96 tears Clik the mouse
May We Never Forget Nikki Young
For the 96 Shaun Maddy
Cry me a tear mottman
96 Reasons Mark Ballard
Are You Sorry? P Maguire
96 Angels P Maguire
Justice P Maguire
Sorry Mike Nicholson
His darkest disgrace> Mike Nicholson
Why did you do it? Mike Nicholson
Wishing for their old Mum Mike Nicholson
What colour justice? Mike Nicholson
Liverpool Justice Louise Ann Lacey
Why Do I Care?Tom England
Justice for what? Chris Murphy


4.Munich Remembered 6.2.58 – 6.2.12 Your Poems

Link: munich58.co.uk Munich 58 Tribute Site (Features

On February 6th 1958, 23 people (of the 44 passengers & crew) lost their lives when a plane crashed at Munich Airport, while attempting to take off in snowbound conditions. Among the dead, were members of Manchester United Football Club, who were returning from a European Cup match, having just played against Red Star Belgrade. Munich was a re-fuelling stopover. Listed below as many poems as we can find on the subject, that have recently, or previously been, uploaded onto this website by many of our contributors, paying their respects. Further thoughts of course welcome.

2012-2000 SELECTION

04 Mar Roger Byrne Dachlan Cartwright
50 years on … – Clik the mouse
The Day We Lost A Football Team – Crispin Thomas
Like the Shirts! – Denys E. W. Jones
Standing Together – Mark Thomas
Sir Matt’s Babes – Emdad Rahman
(Just) a moment of silence – Emdad Rahman
sixty seconds of silence – Mike Garry
Munich anniversary – Clik the mouse
Munich, Feb 6th 1958 – Clik the mouse
Imagine if – Pogue Mahone
Diamonds in the Snow – Me
Belgrade: 6th February 1958 – Ted Smith-Orr
Matt Busby’s Babes Play On – Dennis Gould
Fifty Years Sixty Seconds – S B Ingle
6.2.58 – Alan McKean
8.8.3 – Alan McKean

Glasnevin Cemetary – Peter Goulding
More Than A Football Club – Andy Lockett
Munich 58 – John Fisher
Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes – Gerry Lawrence
Lost For Words – S B Ingle
Forever & Ever – John Fisher
The Flowers of Manchester – Eric Winter
Our Busby Babe – Caddy
The Day A Team Died – A.M.
The Last of The Busby Babes – Poet Shot
Sir Matt Busby – Parry Maguire
We Will Remember – Alan Laine
The Busby Babes – Paul Collins
Flowers of Manchester – Ben Andrew


5 RIP. Tribute poems for those greats no loger with us:
Gary Ablett ,Socrates, Gary Speed , Nat Lofthouse

Gary Ablett – 1965-2012
02 Jan Gary Ablett – 1965-2012 Emdad Rahman

Socrates RIP 1954 – 2011
06 Dec Socrates the good Doctor Emdad Rahman
05 Dec Socrates R.I.P. Clik the mouse
06 Dec Socrates (Acrostes) Crispin Thomas
05 Dec The Playmaker kevin raymond
2004 From the archives:
Socrates Signs for Garforth Town Parry Maguire

God Speed – Gary Speed RIP 1969-2011
17 Dec Speedo Jason Stevens
01 Dec Gary Speed, a human super hero S B Ingle
30 Nov Gary Speed Emily Williams
30 Nov weeping For A Welsh Warrior Jim Dolbear
29 Nov A Simple Tribute John Oliver
29 Nov For Gary MBE Steffan Evans
28 Nov Gary Speed R.I.P kevin halls
28 Nov Spede Tomas De Faoite
28 Nov Gary Speed -The Welsh Dragon Emdad Rahman
28 Nov God Speed Crispin Thomas
27 Nov Speedy Alan McKean

Nat Lofthouse 1925-2011

28 Jan Nat Lofthouse-The Legend . Ann Madden-Walsh
21 Jan A Lion Sleeps Tonight. jim dolbear
18 Jan The Lion of Vienna – Nat Lofthouse OBE Emdad Rahman
16 Jan The Lion of Vienna kevin halls
16 Jan Sleeping Lion Alan McKean
16 Jan No More A Wandering – Nat Lofthouse Crispin Thomas

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2012/06/17/euro-201273-poemspoem-of-the-daymemories/